Fees follow the guidelines established by the Ontario Psychological Association and are set prior to the first appointment.

Unfortunately fees for psychological services are not covered by OHIP. Clients may be eligible to be reimbursed for all or part of their fees through their extended health insurance plan, or the plan of a family member. Psychologist's fees are credited as an allowable medical expense when calculating income tax.

Payment is by etransfer or cheque at each session.


If you don't have extended benefits or other insurance coverage, our services may look unaffordable. However, we find that we can make it easier by flexible scheduling and by recommending apps and workbooks for you to use as an adjunct to therapy. Once we have completed an initial assessment so we have a good idea of what is needed and you have a good understanding of the changes you need to make and how, we typically do not need to meet every week. Rather, between sessions you will be doing the homework that will ultimately determine how well and how rapidly you progress. Brief troubleshooting electronically and shorter appointments may also then be a possibility. As well, since we are using evidence-based treatments, the overall number of sessions can be kept to a minimum.